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Critical Duty .40 Smith & Wesson 175 Grain FlexLock
Critical Duty .40 Smith & Wesson 175 Grain FlexLock
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Home > Shop > 90 Percent of Digital Travel Bookers Use Mobile to Search for Flight

90 Percent of Digital Travel Bookers Use Mobile to Search for Flight


Americans absolutely don’t mind booking flights and apartments on small screens. This year travel bookings made from desktops continue to decline, while bookings made from mobile devices show steady growth year after year.

Back in 2016, according to eMarketer, over 40% of travelers preferred searching and booking their flights and accommodations on mobile devices.

Today hotels, online travel sites and airlines are better optimized their services for mobile reservations. As a result, consumers find it easier and faster to book their travel right on their mobile devices. However, according to Mobile Commerce and Payment Innovation Across the Airline Sector company and their industry brief, airline companies still are not taking the most out of mobile solutions.

The same way as other businesses, by adopting mobile strategy, airline industry will establish a permanent link to their customers and will significantly benefit from the new and very powerful sales channel. And the same way as other businesses, airline industry is dealing with millions of customers in the market, experiencing a rapid change, which is always a challenge.

The internal challenges that airline industry faces, are the ones that are typical for other industries also - new initiatives and budget limitations for them, difficulties to find required expert resources to build technology infrastructure and apply all this to the emerging mobile environment.

If you are an online retailer and experience the same kind of difficulties, trying to find the best way to go mobile, click here to learn about the efficient mobile solutions.

One of the recommendations given to airline industry is to start adopting mobile as the retailers do.

Their passengers interact every day with retailers on their mobile devices - they buy clothes and food, make restaurant bookings and more, so they also expect the same level of built-in capabilities ad they travel. Therefore, airlines will definitely open a new stream of revenue, if allow their passengers to order things on board or to make other bookings.

Airline Industry on Mobile

Based on eMarketer’s forecasts, by 2020 digital travel expenses will reach $817 billion. And already now consumers demand better connectivity on board to control their travel experience and expand options to buy what they need on-the-go when they travel.

It’s important not only to make e-commerce as a core of corporate business, but also ensure that the delivered mobile solution offers secure and efficient payment technology that protects confidential information of the users. According to the report many airline companies fail to do so.

Innovative Airline Companies

According to the report, within the first month after the mobile application launch the airline companies will have 20 percent of the revenue going from mobile environment. And after a year after the mobile initiative launch and passengers’ use, it will become the principal sales channel of the company, which will support nearly 50 percent of ticket sales. So mobile implementation is seen as a great benefit in both short-term and long-term.

One of the most innovative airlines are KLM Dutch Royal Airlines and United Airlines, which invest in mobile heavily.

KLM introduced AI framework that was integrated into their Customer Service Platform and helped to significantly improve customer service. This technology helped KLM field more than 100,00 social media mentions and 15,000 discussions on a weekly basis.

In their turn, United Airlines are launching iOS mobile apps to help their staff better track passengers’ information and improve the customer experience.

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